Sometimes,  information needs to get out to the world. All of it and all at the same time. If you have ever tried to co-ordinate a global training or communication campaign, you understand that in this case choosing online training is more or less the only practical way to do it.

Even though massive scale live webinars are an option, this might prove impractical due to time zones, work/shift patterns, or simply people being busy. Then there's the issue of prove of (full) attendance where that information is legally critical or even mandatory or otherwise business critical.

Here's what to do in five simple steps:

  1. Create a multilingual training ahead of time,
  2. Provide the training on your branded academy on
  3. Setup  completion criteria, notifications, reporting and enroll your population in it. It is up to you whether everybody gets the invitation at the same time or whether you want specific cohorts of people to complete the initiative in a given sequence. LERNYX gives you complete flexibility for your rollout.
  4. Send out an invitation to the world (as you define it) with a deadline for completion and..
  5. ...sit back, watching hundreds or thousands of people around the globe getting your initiative done. Then, knowing (with documentation) that 100% of your people completed the training, build on those newly acquired skills to drive your business objectives.

With LERNYX you can have all of this done within a matter of days. If you wish, we support you all the way, from the initial idea for the campaign, through content creation and deployment, provision on up to providing the reporting and documentation of attendance or even gamification and documentation of completion, should you require that.

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