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Quick Summary



Remote Selling Guidelines

Online sales meeting planning and preparation – getting the most from each call

Enhance your competitive edge by being more effective in selling in the ongoing ‘new normal’ - Being best prepared yourself, and prepping the rest of your team to impress online


Selling Better Online

Improving your use of the web-meeting tools in your remote sales calls

Maximizing your effectiveness in using the tools like Zoom and Teams, improving your look ans sound in online sale meetings


Remote Selling Skills

Consultative online selling skills

Improving your online consultative selling skills – breaking the ice, establishing rapport, questioning and listening skills


New Business Prospecting

Demand creation prospecting skills and techniques

Identifying the best way to find new business opportunity and develop an efficient prospecting cadence which uses perseverance and consistency


Prospecting Skills

Developing better entry emails, voicemails and social media messaging

Improving your prospecting cadence results by designing more effective messaging focused on relevant customer value which increases the response to your emails and voicemails


Broadening the Prospecting Net

Expanding your contact base, and selling outside your comfort zone

Developing new business opportunity by improving your ability to target different stakeholders and prospects


Consultative Selling

Understand how to develop a consultative approach to help you win more business more quickly

Differentiate yourself from other salespeople by moving beyond product and solution selling through being perceived by the customer to be a consultative sales expert


Consultative Call Planning

Using the call planner to improve your sales meeting planning and preparation

Effective use of the Consultative Sales Call Planner to help you achieve more in every sales meeting


Consultative Questioning

Learning how and when to use the 5 types of Consultative Question

Improving customer dialogue and engagement through the effective use of better questioning and listening skills


Objection Handling

Handling customer questions and objections effectively

Being better prepared for the customer’s questions and applying a proven objection handling technique to turn objections into opportunity