LERNYX Online Training was borne from a desire to provide ‘Just-in-time-training’ to people who want to take control of how, when and where they choose to learn. The concept of ‘just-in-time’ is not new, but this is the first time it’s been applied to the field of corporate training. The idea is that we want to give business professionals access to the training and skills reinforcement they need, WHEN they need it.

For the sales professional, ‘Just-in-time’ means that an Account Exec can refresh their questioning skills while in a coffee-shop, waiting for the next sales meeting. 

‘Just-in-time’ means that a new manager can learn how to improve their coaching skills just before a crucial conversation with a member of their team.

‘Just-in-time’ means that one of your channel partners can update their knowledge of your product line in the evening before a crucial Zoom meeting with a new customer.

Whatever the need, the solution is here. Ready for every professional, at every level in the organization, to get that last minute, “just-in-time” boost to their skills and knowledge which might just make all the difference between winning, and coming in second place!

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