LERNYX delivers a complete, ready-to-go, online sales academy. Simple. Secure. World-class. Using specially developed sales training content which has been proven over 20+ years with some of the largest companies in the world, the LERNYX Online Sales Academy will enable you to offer a complete sales training curriculum for your experienced global account managers right though to your latest new-hires. The academy is packed with over 200 learning modules which can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on any device - giving your salespeople ultimate flexibility in how and when they choose to learn.

The academy provides sales managers with a broad-based set of coaching tools which they can use to get the best from their teams. The individual training modules can be used singly, or grouped together to provide sales coaching content for individual or team coaching sessions.

For new-hires the LERNYX online sales Academy provides a progressive curriculum of courses, supported by all the tools and techniques they need to put the new learning into effect. New-hire sales people can work through the content of each course, keeping track of their progress and testing their knowledge in simple quizzes.

Experienced sales professionals use the academy to fine-tune their sales skills and to refresh and reinforce key sales skills and processes before critical customer meetings or in preparation of their strategy for must-win deals.

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