LERNYX provides you with the tools and systems you need to deliver premium skills and product training to your channel partners.

Some customers take advantage of the excellent training content which LERNYX can provide out-of-the-box to enhance your channel partner training. Others simply want the robust, well-structured Learning Management System (LMS) into which they place their existing product training for channel partners. Some need both!

The LERNYX channel solution is supported by our Consulting Services through which our experienced channel sales executives can help you to improve the training and support that you provide to your channel partners. These services and solutions can help you to differentiate yourself in the eyes of the channel partner management teams and can be a game-changer in the eyes of the channel sales professionals who see a route to easier and faster sales through the training support provided via this LERNYX platform.

... and all of this can be delivered with your company branded image. Whether stand-alone or integrated with your Channel Portal, your channel partners see a more professional, business-ready support system to enable them to sell more, more quickly.

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