LERNYX offers ready made sales and service E-Learning Content and the Learning Management System (LMS) needed to deploy that training worldwide.

If you already have your own corporate LMS, you can still take advantage of the LERNYX sales and service training content delivered seamlessly to your people through your LMS.

Enjoy complete flexibility in choosing any of the sales and service courses from our extensive curriculum and you only pay for what you decide to include. You can select a complete sales and service training curriculum or individual courses.

Currently there are over 200 modules to choose from. You will find courses on an ever-expanding range of topics, including:

- Consultative Selling  (4 courses)

- Sales Fundamentals

- Online Selling Skills for B2B sales professionals

- Selling Skills for Service Professionals

- Negotiation Skills

- Financial Business Acumen

- Effective Presentations

- Leadership and Coaching

- Sales Management

and  The Churchill Leadership Program TM

We are adding around 10 modules a week to the curriculum, so this resource is constantly expanding and creating additional value-add for your team.

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