Learning as as service (LaaS) is one of the latest additions to the 'X-as-a-service' economy. By now people know and embrace the fact that most professional services related to software or knowledge, more boradly speaking, have moved to a cloud-based delivery model. LERNYX's Corporate-Learning-as-a-Service (CLaaS) is no exception. Our centralized provisioning of content as well as learning management services take into account the fact that the world of corporate learning is changing. 

While only a short while ago, there was still a debate about the exact place that e-learning had in the corporate training portfolio, that discussion has simply been ended with one massive exclamation mark in February 2020 when Coronavirus hit all the major economies around the globe. The choice is mostly now between online and online, meaning live online or pre-recorded content, ready to watch on-demand.

LERNYX had been there when the virus hit, but its advent has given a whole new relevance to the business case for a professional cloud-based Corporate Learning Management provider.

Essentially, LERNYX's offering consists of three major components, successfully integrated in one user-friendly interface:

  1. World-Class content
  2. A platform for providing this content
  3. The services corporate clients need to scale their own training mandate 


1. World-Class content

There is a whole seprate article about the content that LERNYX provides as part of our service For here we'll limit ourselves to mentioning the fact that our forte is in the sales and service functions of the organization and we have decades of experience in those areas. The founders of LERNYX between them have worked with close to 20.000 sales and service professional and managers.

Secondly, within our 'Branded Academy' option - where LERNYX provides to you a full blown tailor made academy, white-labelled and in your own corporate design - you have the possibility to provide to your learners (employees and/or partners and customers) an unlimited (within reason) number of your own courses. Lernyx will help you create e-learning-ready content, deploy that content for you, integrate that content into your learning paths, enroll all appropriate users and set-up push-of-a-button comprehensive reporting which you may access yourself 24/7/365.


2. A Platform For Providing Content

The core of LERNYX is its platform on which all the content resides and upon which training is providesd to learners. The platform also has integrated training management. Training management is an umbrella term for elements such as:

- User Management (enrollment, assignment to learning groups, tutor/coaching groups, etc..)

- User access rights (who should be enrolled in which course and when)

- Learning Paths (a planned sequence of training units, to be completed in a specific order with the objective of acquiring

- Competencies, which are managed on the platform and allow the corporation to see at the push of a button, which employee posesses  a competence that might be required in the business, but also who might be able to acquire that competence, given the competencies that they already have.

- Training completion management (which users have completed their allocated training, training assignments management, status of assignment submissions, Examination, Certificates as well as all other functions to do with tracking users' progress on their assigned learning path

- Management Reporting

3. Learning Services

All of the above requires management. New users join the organization and need to get on the training train quickly, others leave the organization and their access needs to be terminated, content changes on a weekly basis, competencies are acquired by users, competencies expire and need to be re-freshed in order to stay valid and so on. All these incidents require management and administration. While LERNYX is happy to train a corporate administrator to perform all these jobs, we are equally happy to perform these services on your behalf. You can go full outsourcing with LERNYX or you can just use our platform and do your own adminstration. This is why - as in any form of outsourcing - the demarcation discussion at the beginning of our relationship is very important. 

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